I’m so embarassed. I thought I heard my crush has a piercing, so I was like ‘oh, so now you’re gangster?’ And I keep asking to show it. 

Well, he did. Problem was, he had braces on, not PIERCING!!! 



My heart wants a relationship, always being so lonely. 

However, my brain knows that a relationship usually comes with a heartbreak.

My heart fears for the spinsterhood that I might have, the fact that no one actually wants me. 

But my brain knows that without a lover, you still can be independent.

But honestly speaking, my heart is louder than my brain.

10 things I can’t wait to have

1. A job that pays well (excludes waitress service. Sick and tired of customers showing some sick attitude, when clearly I have done nothing to them)

2. Good grades for this year’s National Exam.

3. Get into the college I want

4. Get the course I want

5. Change my hair colour

6. Get a Boyfriend 

7. Be more confident (something I need)

8. Less shy (Because I’m shy, when I got teased by my crush’s friends about us being a couple, I immediately shunned him away. This made us went apart. Even when we have classes together everyday, we don’t greet each other. Up till now, I still feel awkward and have a tiny little feeling for him. I don’t wish this to happen again when me and some other guy obviously have some connection.)

9. Don’t feel so empty 

10. Get healthy 

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To fall in love is like taking that first plunge into the cool water. Once you are in the water and wet, the pool becomes a relaxing spa that you never want to leave. You find yourself floating laps in this small body of water and you never want to get out, never want to escape.